The Canary Islands and the competitive business network

The future of the Canary Islands is and will always be closely link to its international expansion. The geostrategic location of the Archipelago and its condition of insular region force industries to open to the world with the aim of being more competitive in an increasingly globalized market.

The Directory of the International Canarian Companies acts, in this context, as a promotional tool for the search of clients and for the consideration of the markets. It is a digital display with which, from the Government of the Canary Islands, we want to transmit the vast variety of good quality products and services our business network offers. This represents a key factor of the policy of internalisation we pursue.

From here, we would like to encourage all the companies who try to open new paths to get involved in this action for consolidate, all together, the picture that the Canary Islands portrays to the world as a center of competitive commerce which play an important role in the oversea relations.


President of PROEXCA

Minister of Economy, Industry, Commerce and Knowledge

Government of the Canary Islands

A dynamic and updated tool

From the public company PROEXCA, we feel satisfied as we see every year more and more Canarian companies opening to internationalisation. The demand of our plans on business support, such as the programme Canarias Aporta and the plans for the promotion of different sectors, show us how the interest in breaking barriers and participating in the expansion of Canarian economy in the world increases.

All of the more than 100 companies that participate in the Directory of International Canarian Companies are a representative sample of the canarian products and services that can be acquired in other territories outside of the Archipelago.

Created in 2017 by PROEXCA as an international business promotional element, this Directory is, foremost, a dynamic tool open to a continuous update made by the companies participating in it and the incorporation of new Canarian companies which would like to enforce its efficient working practices through this international display.


Managing Director of PROEXCA

Deputy Head for Economics African Affairs

Government of the Canary Islands

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